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Reporters, Editors Nationwide Conspire to Push US Over Left's Cliff

Steamboat Paper in Lockstep with Populist Swing to Season Select Stories to Chef's Taste

DATELINE: FRIDAY JANUARY 18, 2019: LINCOLN MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON DC: Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann got SLIMED BY MEDIA GIANTS in apocalyptic journalistic malpractice. Working to demonize much of America for incorrect viewpoints, these THOUGHT-THUGS invent the news with instant and presumptive expert analysis. Here's March 2019's YouTube video post by Sandmann's legal team.

On January 7, 2020 CNN reached a settlement of an undisclosed amount with Sandmann's legal team. The plaintiff's legal team stated, "CNN brought down the full force of its corporate power, influence and wealth on Nicholas by falsely vilifying, and bullying him despite the fact that he was a minor child." On July 24, 2020, Sandmann's 18th birthday, The Washington Post announced it, too, had settled with Sandmann's legal team, likewise withholding details of monetary damages it paid for its profound journalistic blunder. NBC Universal's corporate news operations remain in litigation, also accused of broadcasting false characterizations about Sandmann to its audience. Fake News must be exterminated for its criminal intent to smear innocent individuals. Readers and viewers sniff at and reject shit journalism. No apology has been tendered by mass media offenders including other news outlets in ongoing (discovery-permissible) lawsuits involving irresponsible reporters and editors who've disregarded journalism's prime directive: honest and truthful reporting of the news.


CBSN Always On
Corrupt Bull Shit News, July 2019: CBSN unequivocally reports Trump's tweet of the Squad is racist, Always On the side of liberals

GRAND ECHO CHAMBER Predominantly coastal news institutions in Manhattan NYC, Washington DC, California and CNN's unadulterated falsehoods repeat and reflect common anti-conservative narratives ad infinitum, through republication and rebroadcast of liberal colleagues agonizing over perceived injustices: gun violence by society's crazed, delusional climate change denial, immunity from expressing racist beliefs reserved for non-whites only, and the sexual abuse of dazzling ladies by powerful, rich men — female victims without celebrity lawyers are usually ignored. The closely associated press believes the world would be better off if only these journalistic guidelines are enforced by co-ordinated and relentless spotlighting. However, reality is not binary — it is nuanced and complex. Individual empowerment based on unvarnished facts, not the media's scolding, achieves justice.
SATURATION COVERAGE Imagine a lion, violently shaking its prey side-to-side, in the Kill. With that same ferocity, lefties running the media lock in to narratives they find simply irresistible, prolonging selective coverage resonating for months within their echo chamber.
BIAS American journalism has abandoned impartiality to market selective coverage slanted to appeal to patrons believing themselves disenfranchised within the most economically advanced nation on Earth. However, the United States has morphed into an Un-united people, increasingly intolerant — due largely to corrupt media overlords out to rake in more revenue. In 2019, DEMOCRATS by the DOZENS chased a dream of being elected President. Nancy Pelosi rips Trump's State of the Union address as Joe Biden attempts to ignore his indiscretion as Obama's Vice President, enriching son Hunter slotted into the Ukrainian Burisma Oil Company while serving as Obama's Vice President. Trump impeachment mania was doomed from the start by the Schiff/Nadler incompetence that proved wholly impotent. Yeah, it backfired on the Dems and their adoring media cadre, despite incessant, breathless cheerleading 24/7.
Fast-forward 2 months... An elite liberal news professional in the White House Press Room asked President Trump on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, about his terminology of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus -
Q: "China and others have criticized you for using the phrase Chinese Virus. How do you feel about that? Are you going to continue using that phrase?"
A: "Well, China was putting out information which was false that our military gave this to them. And that was false. And rather than having an argument I said I have to call it where it came from. It did come from China."
Idiot reporter's follow-up: "Critics say using that phrase creates a stigma."
President's retort: "No, I don't think so. I think that saying our military gave it to them creates a stigma."
Why do many journalists openly defend Communist leadership in Beijing, who, incidentally, run Muslim internment camps and intellectually persecute the Dalai Lama and his vast following? What the hell qualifies these HATERS to posture as they do, dishonestly filling you in, filing one bullshit report after another?
EXAMPLES of BIAS by the AGENDA-DRIVEN NEWS MEDIA As in the contentious Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination and the toothless, 22 month Mueller Investigation wrapped in March 2019, Democratic showboating in prolonged House committee hearings accomplished only the waste of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars collected by compulsory federal taxation. Having hyperventilated and speculated daily on matters unknown to all but Mueller team confidants, the frustrated Capitol press then pumped congressional handwringing and the inhumanity of a migrant crisis at the southern border, aided and abetted by Trump's Wall. From that news-making opportunity, they then collectively focussed their spotlight on a colony of Democratic Presidential contenders upstaging each other in multiple gangbang televised debates, as "cash-on-hand and polling" qualified candidates grew and shrank on stage. Next, House rumblings on Impeachment and a rash of reports about purported Presidential injustice and High Crimes and Misdemeanors, then onto the rush to get the deed done by Christmas, only to have Pelosi slow-walk the articles to the Senate until the New Year.
Recall at the end of 2019, the political folly was the drama was a government shutdown ordered by the President to break a political logjam with the House of Representatives' majority intransigents opposing his leadership. All hail the congressional gang of ladies wearing white at the State of the Union. They think they know what's best... resistance to the President, no matter what.
ROOTS of BIAS With the dawning of the actual election year 2020, a time of peace and prosperity, the trained media watchers at the US Capital and White House carry on as instructed by their liberal journalism professors while Millenials were attending college. ignore almost anything that would favor the President. Were reporters and editors honest and impartial, we would not witness such sequential and predictable media feeding frenzies, hyped and sold speculatively to the public as fortune tellers are apt to do.
IRONICALLY, FOR MEDIA MOGELS IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Now, hype-masters running mainstream media seem increasingly sympathetic to candidate Bernie Sanders who would shred this nation's founding document, the Constitution, to destroy freedom, incentive and a competitive economic engine that has made America an exceptional success among nations. These news controllers appear sympathetic to Bernie's socialist revolution pledging unlimited government giveaways until the nation's plundered wealth evaporates having placated the masses and the STATE ends subsidizing the gullible. From that point on, prosperity is reserved exclusively for regime leaders and the propagandist class, our formerly disgraced journalists, truth-tellers they would argue.
HALF A CENTURY AGO Nixon's Vice President Spiro Agnew summarized the mass media as "nattering nabobs of negativity". Now, valuable news is sidelined every day as politically-incorrect, outside the bounds of defined cultural or thematic limitations enforced by newsroom oligarchs. They relentlessly brutalize their Kill, crusading for their pet reforms, for public enlightenment and betterment — often, in harmony with an agenda that crowns the politically LEFT with halos while demonizing the politically RIGHT ahead of America's 2020 Presidential, Senate, Congressional and "down-ballot" elections. Surely ACCUSE the Russians of influencing elections, but EXCUSE the mighty pens of the New York Times / Washington Post axis! Does 20/20 FAIRNESS MATTER in 2020?
IMPLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY A corrupt news industry having incrementally moved the goal-posts of objectivity to extremism in the last generation is now defiant and resentful for being labelled an ENEMY. In character, the Media vigorously denies liability, when it ought to apologize and implement reforms to nip bias in the bud. Liberal journalism schools have infected contemporary newsrooms with groupthink ideology disgracing factual NEWS norms. With an arrogant fearlessness, today's empowered reporters often predigest facts for readers regarded as too dumb to discern for themselves right from wrong. Dan Rather and Brian Williams surrendered their CBS and NBC evening news anchor chairs for dishonest transgressions. Modern journalism tints the truth. Or co-ordinates a blackout of inappropriate news. For evidence of intent, consult, a recommended, independent news aggregator with the philosophy that we ought to be able to see the bias ratings for sources of news we choose. The News Media largely embraced a Middle of the Road approach before 2000. Today, the politically-empowered, fake news industry tries cloaking itself with the respect true journalism earned when the craft was dedicated to neutrality and facts, not purported analysis. Today's GroupThink idealism is off-road, far left of center and proud of it.
CLIMATE-CHANGE alarmist GRETA Thunberg and her adoring media enablers (Time magazine crowned the 16-year-old their PERSON OF THE YEAR). Underwriting the myth appears the assumed duty of discourse umpires echoing an untrustworthy mantra: The Science Is Settled. In fact, liberal media distorts or ignores the contrarian science deserving of coverage! Any resistance to the media chorus is dismissed as denial, delusion, deficiency of wisdom or logic processed outside the bounds of groupthink superiority — the MainStream liberal media's monumental intimidation blitzkrieg. Because they can.
COMMENTARY Some pre-heating of our atmosphere might be desirable if a BIG CHILL arrives in ten years or so. Climate Change is a political football. It led to Media Change: rampant bias. News consumers surrender judgment — GOTCHA BELIEVIN' — the Media's Fairytale Ending. Does our climate change? Yes. Are humans exclusively to blame? No! It is impossible to pinpoint our impact vs. volcanic gaseous discharges, for example,
graphic and data on recent major volcanic eruptions worldwide, source
or how much solar heating and radiation impact the dynamic that is — and historically has been — our climate. Carbon dioxide is exhaled by animals and absorbed by plants planet-wide that restore oxygen. Some ice forms while other ice melts. Passing lame, feel good laws in America does nothing to mitigate overseas environmental issues. Weather varies regionally and seasonally. Few things in life are stable and static and endure forevermore.
masthead: Newsers say climate's changing nut silence on reporting change
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New York Post November 7, 2018: Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism at a post-election presidential news conference late last year, escalating his argumentative ego to become the story, grandstanding on behalf of his employer, a proud, liberal siren. Normally, such an outrage would justify termination; instead CNN celebrates any ratings rebound it might acquire in acting out as a contrarian for the cause. Acosta deserved to have his White House press credentials suspended by the Secret Service.

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