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Pilot endorsed 4B, 4C — Schools' Debt to Rise, Property Taxes to Jump in 2022 and beyond

On November 5, Routt County voters narrowly passed Steamboat School District's Referenda 4B — by a 32:31 margin — and 4C — by a 101:99 margin — both measures editorially endorsed by the Pilot. 4C's higher debt authorization, coupled with 4B's automatic increases in county property tax levies starting in 2022, will recover district costs for new school construction and maintenance projects. The district need not ask voter approval of future taxation rates.
District allows teen students to walk out in day-long strikes over climate change and gun violence, but administratively opposes parental protests of the inclusion of lefty guru Allen Ginsberg's smut-laden "Howl" in a Steamboat Springs high school classroom. Parents may opt out their student NEXT time.

Black bear shocked, dies, crashes August 2, 2019 — next day Pilot page 3 story, imageless

bear electrocuted in South Valley August 2 2019
relayed on CBS4 Denver, WHIO-TV7 Dayton, WSB Radio Atlanta — slideshow from phone video captured event — warning #4 graphic

Pilot prints 29 twenty page issues January through April — 42 through December 3, 2019

20 page editions of Steamboat Pilot and Today in RED
For the first third of this year nearly 25% of Steamboat Springs' daily newspapers were 5 broadsheets each 4 pages; more than 30% during 2019's first 2 months.
Minimalist Thursdays clocked an 8 week streak. Of 62 issues from first to last red square in the calendar on the left, 22 were twenty pagers, that works out to 35½%.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday editions were spared the 20 page curse throughout. In today's newsprint journalism world, a trusted indicator of a paper's HEALTH is its HEFT.
The running tally was first displayed here on the last day of February. From March 11 onward the publisher sustained 24-page-minimum daily press runs through April 6. April 21-27 was the first week with a majority of twenty pagers — 5 skinny issues over 8 days. 4 twenty pagers came out late spring through summer: May 19, June 2 and 6, Sept. 17.
December 2019 calendar of Steamboat Pilot minimalist issues of 20 pages per daily
April October and November 2019 twenty page Steamboat Pilot newspapers

Publisher: Commenting at Must authenticate yourself to Facebook!

On March 27, 2019 Steamboat Pilot & Today publisher Logan Molen defended his paper's policy limiting online comments to only those logging-in with a Facebook ID/PSWD combo. To limit "trolls and abuse", the reasoning goes, approved authors with identities Facebook curates are likelier to be tame netizens, aware that Facebook aggressively harvests personal behaviors sold to marketeers. Protest the newspaper's exclusion of postings by readers revolted by FB's repeated data spills. Mail a Letter to the Editor. All readers deserve access. The Pilot & Today should invest in its own log-in gateway. TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch! There's always strings attached in FREE offers especially those schemed by Zuck! — sources:
Consider positive reforms imagined by Center for Humane Technology's Tristan Harris in New Agenda for Tech video — 44 minutes — April 25, 2019

Humane: A New Agenda for Tech from Center for Humane Technology on Vimeo.

excerpt 13:54-14:20 — "We have these artificial social systems that have hijacked and overpowered human nature, combined with overwhelming AI (Artificial Intelligence installed on servers worldwide) that have again, overwhelmed human weaknesses by building these voodoo dolls (harvested user profiles) combined with an extractive attention economy built on getting attention from people. And this is what's causing the downgrading of humans."
How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day Tristan Harris at TED Talk, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada — 17 mins., April 2017
pie chart representation
ths ads and promos: 20 page September 11 edition 2018's thinnest
Advertising occupied nearly half this issue: 9½ pages worth! Self-promotional content including mastheads filled close to 3 pages. News articles with images came in third with slightly over 2½ pages.
The events calendar (orange) merited 1⅓ pages. Commentary (red) and Sports (purple) one page each — Comics & Puzzles amounted to ¾ page — Public Service content was a half page; Weather a bit less.
Advertising matters. Can you trust a local monopoly and its give-away, shrink-wrapped news?

reputation manipulation vs. editor's July 5, 2018 column Journalists are not the enemy

Among its quarter-page, color ads for a host of moonlighting services, Steamboat Pilot & Today identifies Reputation Management as Problem Number 1 it can remedy. Hire them to help you scrub unfavorable online reviews about your business. The paper takes a snarky pride in its ability to magically bleach appearances for a price, but is its news reporting as honest as you deserve? Read with care and you'll find posturing that promotes groupthink idealism and subtle bias disguised as an Orwellian public service: Read the Free Paper at times sanitized in your best interest, fully financed by ads and side services.
In a front page column on the 5th of July, editor Lisa Schlichtman opened by recapping what led up to the murderous rampage of a madman in the Capital Gazette Annapolis newsroom a week earlier. While I share her grief, she pivots to an emotional defense of herself and her team, "...we're not immune from gun violence." Blame the sick perpetrator Jarrod Ramos, not his weapon! Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth assassinated U.S. Presidents. Are word processors and notebooks responsible for slanting the news? Schlichtman's third paragraph concludes with an apparent swipe at my fact-checking work: There's even a website, created by a critic of the newspaper, that is devoted solely to letting people know just how bad this person thinks I am at my job.
Plastered on her newspaper's front page Lisa Schlichtman's ¶3 lists unnamed parties gnawing at her thoughts starting with "a gun-toting murderer" and ending with, presumably, In between Lisa lists "a sawmill owner who took a swing at me", written threats from newsworthy criminals and angry political voicemails. In the public eye journalists must tolerate cranks and worse, but in our free country reporting the news is worth it. When I see injustice I apply my competence, training and experience without resorting to violence, sanitizing reputations or waffling on news ethics. I believe journalists who intentionally spin, distort or bleach the truth deserve to be tagged as PUBLIC ENEMIES despite Ms. Schlichtman's forceful denial.
On the evening of March 27, 2016, I emailed both her and departing publisher Suzanne Schlicht regarding the selection of a hard-left editorial satirist's bigoted cartoon documented within our home page slandering white, Christian, home-schooled, Cis males as a class pinned with some responsibility for the Austin bomber's mindset. It was selected by Schlichtman and published three days earlier premised on an UNPROVEN BUZZFEED report as evaluated by SNOPES. The internet is agnostic. Steamboat's newspaper editor can make whatever wishful claims she pleases about her purity of purpose, being a champion of free speech, all while withholding inclusion of certain politically-incorrect news or even lying by the Main Stream Media. Why? Groupthink ideology is used as a social and intellectual bludgeon to reform our thinking, perspectives and social priorities to match theirs.
Guided by SEO keywords, readers are here learning how journo-sausage gets made by a member of Schlichtman's profession, one who understands the manipulation and vindictiveness of liberals in media. Illuminating a dark agenda bent on fooling us, more gadflies calling out these injustices in journalism's decay are welcome. Whenever the local editor or her reporters commit journalistic malpractice, other journalists are obliged to correct the record.
I've practiced journalism almost twice Lisa's 25 years in the saddle. For me integrity comes first. This website is not solely about her, however she serves as the Pilot's Pilot and must take responsibility for poor navigation choices grounding Steamboat's news into a mudbank. My main beef is most American news media marginalizes a once-honorable profession with liberal delusions of grandeur-(Politico) eroding the public trust. As I see things Steamboat Pilot & Today is a microcosm mirroring perverse national news groupthink. I believe she betrayed a duty to enforce newsroom discipline, lacking the backbone to prevent bias at the end of May 2016. At her urging in an email she sent, I submitted a letter-to-the-editor about concerns I had verbalized on the phone. She flatly ignored my literary warning shot across her bow by cavalierly 86'ing my remarks. Careful readers might recall the news reporting that prompted my letter. Upon my submission, her paper's online comments section censored me from posting, but my freedom to speak out cannot be silenced here.
If I'm basing these comments on faulty facts, please alert me to the specifics. I pledge to remove any falsehoods, but facts that are verifiably true, I shall defend. I make this offer despite Ms. Schlichtman's having shown NO reciprocity acknowledging my complaints since noting her paper's May 2016 smear of 2 Steamboat school board members standing up for taxpayers against a powerful teachers' union, clamoring for higher pay at every bargaining opportunity.
By refusing to acknowledge complicity in advancing clearly biased reporting, arrogant newsroom offenders invite public outrage and revolt.
author Scott Monahan, journalist since 1973 as a broadcast news reporter for WROK-AM, Rockford; WIFE-AM, Indianapolis; KTLK-AM, Denver; KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs; KBTV 9News Denver; KMGH-TV, Denver; KRMA-TV, Denver; KBCO-FM, Boulder; BRN, Business Radio Network, Colorado Springs (late 1980s); morning news presenter for a week on Steamboat Radio substituting for vacationing Shannon Lukens (March 2016); independent video documentary writer, host, producer and editor of Sacred EquinoX, one hour 8 minutes (2017 completion after 3½ year production)

Editor pens New team, same mission June 7 and If not for journalists... April 18

Remarking on 2018's Q2 staff departures of its publisher and 4 reporters, Pilot and Today editor Schlichtman acknowledged in New team, same mission on the front page, "...smaller daily newspapers often serve as training grounds. Journalists work several years at a smaller publication and then move on to larger papers or bigger opportunities." Weeks earlier she waxed poetic on journalistic integrity: " organizations must hold themselves accountable to standards of fairness, objectivity and accuracy to earn and retain the trust of readers. Especially in the era of 'fake news', it's critically important for journalists to be above reproach."
Compare her platitudes with May/June 2016 policy at Liberal Bias Annotated, an epic newsroom fail.
As the paper gets skinnier, its excrement pile deepens and its denials stink worse than ever.
Parakeets favor Steamboat Today
Cinderella and Neuroses approve
delightfully contributing

You Wouldn't Let A Child Do Your Taxes, but perhaps more stable in local web design

In pitching its sidecar services boasting of expertise in all things internet, for months past Tax Day 2018 the paper ran a self-serving ad featuring a grimacing lad, ashes on his face, made-up as a Red Devil, captioned: "Why are you trusting just anyone to manage your business's search-ability online?" That's the paper's compelling pitch to hire their people advertised as experts. It's ironic a gifted, child prodigy might actually BE a better choice than the paper's designated tech moonlighter. At least the kid'll be around town for awhile.

Reporter Teresa Ristow's exit telegraphed by paper's own Help Wanted ads

Until May 4, 2018, Ristow was listed third on the paper's contact directory, usually a left page's left column (ironic, no?). She was the paper's Digital Engagement Editor until then, heading its colorful ad campaign to trust its personnel's expertise with your digital solutions strategies. How about mission-critical issues such as a FAILSAFE override code to prevent repeating dated sports dispatches a week after the event? Nicole Miller replaced Ristow. Just a year later (May 2019) the paper's again advertising for a Digital Engagement Editor! Plus, a Digital Sales Manager, in the Help Wanted ads. Any takers? How about that red-devil internet whiz-kid. Is he old enough? Or maybe not the right gender?

Colorado AVs 5-4 loss reprinted following weekend — 2-1 Victory report MIA

Steamboat Pilot & Today's SPORTS, page 9, right column, Saturday, April 21, ran an ENCORE of its Avalanche report of 6 days earlier! The copy desk even continued the stale story on page 10. In fact, AVs won Friday night, 2-1, but THAT NEWS went unreported in the morning's print edition. (Nashville won in a 5-0 shutout Sunday night, ending the AV's season.) End-users place zero value on free product. Just as the Chinese space station's lowering orbits forecast its destruction, Steamboat's newspaper wobbles before its inevitable crash into chaotic and irreversible irrelevance. Your local Pilot IS Losing Altitude

Autoposy law proposed : headline misspelling on front page, April 23, 2018

The other headline read: Sunshine likely to be interrupted by snowfall. Imagine that phrase's potential! Sunshine likely to be interrupted by nightfall or Sunshine likely to be interrupted by clouds or Sunshine likely to be interrupted by a solar eclipse. Endless possibilities!

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