national and local journalism skews left, sunsetting fair reporting

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while assuring its objectivity, NW Colorado adpaper weaves opinion into selected news

Steamboat Pilot & Today lost Publisher Suzanne Schlicht, reporters Teresa Ristow, Scott Franz, Tom Ross and Joel Reichenberger from April to June 2018, moving on, retiring, 1 pushed out. Remaining staff abandoned a 19 year HQ at US 40 and Elk River Road for modest in-town digs in July 2018.
More than 1800 American newspapers have shut down since 2004 — 7100 survive, most pared from their glory days — according to a study by the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina. The study concludes America is experiencing an expanding news desert. Half of U.S. counties, among them Routt CO, have only one paper, more often a weekly than a daily. Regular journalism is absent in nearly 200 counties in the USA.
The News IS in Peril when readership pays nothing for product. Socialists fantasize all goods and services ought to be free for all, but realistically free stuff has no worth. Advertisers, clients, sympathizers and news personnel shoulder the cost until they don't or won't or can't!
Article One of the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, The First Amendment, reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
First Amendment Bill of Rights US Constitution Bureau of Archives sourced at Wikimedia in the public domain - cropped and animated with script highlighted
assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Never shall we take these freedoms for granted or let these words fade from memory. Protesting injustice sustains our other liberties. I believe we must demand honesty in the news we consume. Marginalized news is bad news. Those who spin reports to push an agenda DESERVE the public's mistrust.
Newspapers are this century's buggy-whips, used by drivers of horse-drawn carriages, dated and irrelevant when motor vehicles arrived. Today, online mega-news aggregators nourish views pre-digested for your consumption. Be cautious in trusting biased news sources.
Steamboat newspaper editor Lisa Schlichtman confessed in the December 7, 2017 edition, "Over the past several years, the number of people who subscribe to the Pilot & Today has decreased, and as a result of declining readership, we are considering making the Sunday publication free". In a companion online survey, she tossed readers a jump-ball on the tabloid's identity: Shall it be known as Steamboat Today OR Steamboat Pilot?
The public's preference was for the Pilot option. A Steamboat Pilot & Today masthead launched in April 2018. Until mid-August the paper retained its online identity: After its physical relocation, the newspaper rebranded its online location to However, the paper's ambiguous-ID masthead persists in the new decade, ignoring the public preference solicited by editor Schlichtman in December 2017.
At issue: this local newspaper's editor exhibits a distinct liberal bias in her editing, some of her editorials and the rare front page columns she authors. Within her stable of reliably liberal syndicated cartoonists, former Mad magazine satirist Monte Wolverton in March 2018 inflamed racist bias against whites using over-the-top innuendo, bordering on hate speech, based on an uncorroborated Buzzfeed bungle the mass-media did not relay. Wolverton associated Caucasian, hetero-male, home-schooled, Christian, conservative folk with Austin's bomber. The troubled young man acted alone committing suicide when cornered. Despite political cartoonists' license to mock, no other pundit would dare lampoon any ethnicity, sexual orientation and faith other than Wolverton's chosen trifecta. His syndication and our paper enabled this de facto bigotry to be published. Anti-discrimination laws apply to everyone!
SNOPES fact-checked a BuzzFeed report quoting a 21-year-old Austin woman's mention of her education in a family based home-school where students had access to light weapons, but not explosives. The deceased bomber was home-schooled and was raised a Christian, according to SNOPES. There's no evidence these 2 attended the same institution in a city of nearly a million. SNOPES ruled BuzzFeed's blunder as UNPROVEN. FAKE NEWS served as the basis for ARTISTIC CRAP by a cartoonist whose work was BLESSED FOR PUBLICATION by Steamboat's Editor. 3 days following publication, and the day after the SNOPES evaluation dropped, I emailed outgoing publisher Suzanne Schlicht and editor Schlichtman a brief note titled "duty to retract and apologize" with a hypertext link to SNOPES' analysis, urging "editorial honesty and transparency". There was no reply, nor has a retraction been forthcoming.
Over a year later, on April Fools Day 2019, the editor chose to run another Wolverton hit-piece in her Tuesday, April 2nd issue, this time trashing America's favorite cable news network for sharing an ignorant world view associated with white American race-baiters. I made plans to attend the Pilot and Today's publicly-promoted Coffee and a Newspaper the next morning. I asked editor Schlichtman how the paper selects its editorial page cartoons. She said it's her decision. The previous day's cartoon? Yes, she said she chose that one, too. I asked then again for a retraction of Wolverton's Austin bomber cartoon of a year before, protesting its racist undertones. Schlichtman refused, witnessed by about 20 attending. She ignored my handout with both cartoons and the Snopes' summary. Steamboat newspaper publisher Logan Molen appeared somewhat curious when I offered him a copy moments earlier.
The editor turned defensive, countering me by stating she has friends who think she's too conservative as editor. Next to my table, a woman spoke up in concurrence. There sat none other than Catherine Carson, Colorado Democrat of 2018, Routt County's Democratic Party Chairwoman. A genuine power duo who appear more likely to agree than disagree with what's best for Routt County — resonating together for a readership and an electorate. Notably, the paper's traditional monthly Coffee and a Newspaper open house has been suspended since then — critical analysis is unwelcome.
As self-appointed social activists, the newspaper editor and likely some reporters engage in the populist crusade for affordable housing while the paper's editorial board heartily endorsed unionized teachers as it denounced two school board members in May 2016 reports. Whether it's their giveaway newspapers or shaming Steamboat millionaires to subsidize the poor beyond their voluntary charitable giving and a massive, redistributive welfare system, today's idealistic journalists have no obligation to serve end users' best interests (readers) and are entirely dependent on uncertain advertising revenue going forward, a direct result of their myopic inability to comprehensively report news. By contrast, self-starters and entrepreneurs embracing supply-and-demand capitalism grasp self-correcting market forces driving innovation, rewarding reasoned investing and risk-taking, enjoying remuneration and the unlimited potential derived from individual and collaborative success delivering what the marketplace applauds.
Liberal J-school professors have been instructing aspiring journalists to advance socialist values for over a generation now. Any imagined remedy invented by liberal ideologues in the media for any perceived economic disparity becomes a self-inflicted curse betraying The People to whom The Media aspires and is obliged to inform! NEVER in history has socialism lifted a nation in the long run. It promises the mirage of equality by dragging down the economic condition of all — everyone, that is, except for paid propagandists and their evil patrons, the elite bureaucrats who prosper by decree within an otherwise decadent wasteland where the populace become slaves to the State. Try Venezuela's lifestyle. Many journalists favor a socialist to lead America in 2021.
First Amendment Bill of Rights US Constitution Bureau of Archives sourced at Wikimedia in the public domain - cropped and animated with script highlighted
Once autocrats rule, moving from biased news to cheerleading a swarm of lies will ensure journalist-turned-propagandist job security. They're practicing the fibs for now. Bye-bye Constitution. Our free enterprise system sputters and fails. Opportunity evaporates. Mice die in mousetraps because they do not understand why the cheese is free. Trust socialists and expect an outcome history assures when the wealth runs out: civil collapse, poverty and starvation.
Another Inconvenient Truth: why won't liberal papers, fond of damning fossil fuels, report on the disgusting environmental consequences of their disposable dailies? It is hypocrisy, a double standard! Paper mills — serving the newsprint addiction of these publications, a plurality (NYT, WAPO, etc.) harmonizing to the left's tune — have a poor environmental record. Newsprint providers have significantly contributed to deforestation and fouling the air near the plants.
As newspapers experiment with advertisement-saturated online editions, the newsrooms' dual demands to serve electronic and tactile audiences has jacked-up operating costs. Each time a technology update or reformat is implemented — BOOM — an inevitable stress on newspaper business models — economically unsustainable. There's a special justice knowing leftist ideologues haven't a clue when suddenly out-of-a-job for failing the public trust.
Glance at the headlines in online news aggregators: they scream for audience with click-bait. More than a generation ago, journalists honored an institutional credo to report news with neutrality and avoid bias. Today, journalist egos peddle advocacy and damnation, spinning facts according to instructed and cultivated sensitivities. A popular police drama from the days of black and white television was Dragnet. Co-star Jack Webb played the role of detective Joe Friday. "Just the facts, ma'am," was his signature warning in the cop shop's interrogation room. Today's journalism finds that approach unfashionable. The 1987-88 TV series Max Headroom, featured a virtual TV newscaster and blip-verts, simplifying stuff in 3 second bursts. Today, many news reporters enjoy an institutional permissiveness to insert instructive social teaching moments and interpret the motives of President Trump and those with whom these wiseacres collectively find fault, piling-on over and over again.
Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Steamboat Today's front page, left-column headline read From the publisher: With change brings progress. Steamboat Today publisher Suzanne Schlicht says "goodbye to a tradition dating back more than 100 years." The paper's local printing ended, surrendered to parent Swift's regional printing center, 90 miles south in Gypsum. The roundtrip to retrieve and haul product on Colorado route 131 to Steamboat increases air pollution EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR, and an enforced push-back of deadlines to press has impacted traditional, reportorial efficiencies. On Thursday, December 7, 2017, there was a contentious faceoff at the town's library. A day and a half later it was reported in Saturday morning's edition as front page, headline news: Steamboat crowd howls over Sierra Club's goals for wolf reintroduction. Delay in the transit of news amounts to an indignity toward readers.
Former owner of Steamboat Today, Worldwest LLC, still owns the 23 thousand plus square foot office/warehouse complex at US 40 and Elk River Road. The asking price was then and remains 5½ million dollars, too steep to interest either the City of Steamboat, which first took a look in April 2017, or Routt County a year later. The newspaper now leases space for its staff at 10th & Yampa, one block southeast of the Old Pilot Building at 11th & Lincoln.
Steamboat Today at 1901 Curve Plaza Mon., July 16, 2018
Page 1 headline
Steamboat Pilot &
Today is on the move

in decline
editor admits
@ mid-¶7 above
secondary tenant
Steamboat Today at 910 Yampa Street

The May 25, 2018 Mallard Fillmore cartoon appearing atop page A24 of Steamboat Pilot & Today asked,
If students who support the second amendment held a "walkout" and most media didn't cover it, did it really happen?
while a video cameraman noted, We can't point this at them; it might be loaded!
Dateline: April 4, 2018 — Woodland Park High School Students March in Support of Gun Rights
VIDEO NEWS REPORTS: KKTV Students Support Second AmendmentKXRM Woodland Park HS students organize pro-gun standup
The Pilot & Today lavished coverage on Steamboat High's gun protest while ignoring politically-incorrect mountain HS students 140 miles southeast.
Spiking newsworthy Colorado reports inconsistent with liberal groupthink idealism leads readers to mistrust Steamboat's paper for its bias-by-omission.

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